Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wasting Time

Just killing time. I should be writing a paper about Ancient Egyptian Medicine. But i'm not. School is not on my mind, this record is on my mind.

I really want to get back in the studio. That last marathon session was full of fun, excitement, and (dare I say it) magic. I keep listening to the almost-completed tracks over and over and would love to add more to them. As I sit here doing research for songs, I keep in mind the power of those 14 hours and just keep reminding myself that this is the leg work to get to the fun part. Even if nobody listens to this thing, atleast we all had fun doing it and maybe we'll have fun doing more records, even if its for our pleasure, which is what we do anyways. Love it. I want to get back in there and work some more......

On deck we have Bob Dole, Election: 1800, Eli Whitney (re-done), and Let's Go To War. Should be an interesting session because of the differences in all these songs. We plan to bust out some acoustic guitars, brushes, hand claps, and any other percussion instrument lying around for a few of these. Let's Go To War is so straight forward, we are currently taking bets on how long it will take to record, I have put myself down for 31 minutes, vocals and all.

When all goes well and according to plan, we can start on the tunes we have been currently getting ready to start learning as a band. That will yeild a third dayand hopefully after that all of tghe principle recording will be done. With the finances being the way they are, Peach and I are hoping to only have to pay for three more days of recording before mixing. That should do it, right? I mean, it's not like we are snorting coke, inviting groupies over, going to the pub, or spending 4 days getting the "vibe" correct. Being in the studio is hard work. and it's great!!! I think we spent more time ordering sandwiches at Quizno's than we did tweaking. It's nice to know what you want inadvance and have engineers that know how to get it without screwing around. kudos.

One-Take Williams...what can I say?

Ok...time to go and finish writing. Peach might post something when he's at work tomorrow. You never know....

How about this title? Participants and Observers. Explanation of the title and why I like it to come tomorrow. Peach is not allowed to write about it until I do. He is still pushing for "I Went to college for 10 years and I did was this history album The Story of Kelly Kerr." It's not far from the truth.....I do everything in life backwards......

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