Monday, April 13, 2009

Read the Last Post First, then read this one... song...Commodity...i'm only glad it doesn't sound like a Ramones song. (insert laughter here)

I like it. It's better than Bob Dole. And Why? Because Matt manages to get his point across by using "KEY" words instead of lines that seem like talking/singing. Keywords have been an issue and this one does not represent that. A good example would be "Know It All." I tried very hard to incorporate more scientific words and references but managed to get a few in there. Mechanical is a great way to describe this song, which is another reason why I like it. It's supposed to be mechanical, and why? It's about the industrial revolution.

Deadpan delivery? Dude, I sing different than you....I sound like a dying elephant and you sound like a dying cow....the two are different...I shouldn't have a problem giving the Peach what he wants on this one...

I will be interesting to see how this one comes up and out because Josh wants to make the drums like the Nine Inch Nails version of the Minutemen, which will be kickass. Of course the guitar and bass wreak of D Boone and Mike Watt, so another element will be good. and by the way, for some reason we have been taking alot from Watt and Co. these days...I think this has something to do with the fact that those guys were a bunch of smarty pants that started a band....kinda like us....Watt is an intelligent guy and it rubs off on us.

I enjoy songs where the chorus is the title, but we do need some of it on the record. Sure my writing has evolved, and getting more complex, but I am trying to avoid an entire album of wordy songs and massive chord changes. Less is more. Sometimes you have to do one or the other.

I like where all of this is going. 9 songs is solid. With the newer attention on Election:1800, I'm in another position where I need to finalize that song. Which is being done as we speak. Plus there are more on the horizon. "Dear Abby" will hopefully come to a close soon. I've also been trying to amp up the research aspect of the record which is causing me to take more time. I also have a new direction on a song about Nikola Tesla.

After some thinking and discussion, it has been noticed that most of our songs deal with war, science/technology, presidents/leaders, early american poltics, lesser known events. These things are things that dictate society and cultural growth the most...could we be onto something?? Possibly. But i'm not writing a songs about Obmama or Bush Jr, or how there isn't a federal law stating you have to pay your taxes even though it won't hold up in a federal court.

So...hopefully we will have Commodity and some others by the time we rock the house at French Quarter Cafe for Peach's ultimate bachelor send off. In the meantime...come see us at The Boro on April 25 and rock out...bring a freind...

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