Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Observers and Participants

Observers and Participants.

Just say it a few might like it....

Good title. Better yet, I'm pushing for this one. It says everything I want to say in the record.

Through history, everyone is involved in some way. There are those out there making it happen and other just watching the parade. Both are very important are both very similar. You can't participate unless you observe first, but by observing, you are participating. Without observers, there would be no recorded history, and without participants, there would nothing to record.

This record brings both these ideas together in one small package. The constant reemerging themes has led me to believe that we as a band are not only observing history from a different prospective, but we are participating in it by making the music we do.

How many people were at out first show? About 60. How many people were at last show? About the same. Those people are witnessing history in the making, while we are up there making it. Those leaving the show, will go home, tell freinds, and pass on the stories. Creation through observation, participation through creation.

The smaller the crowd, the bigger the history, the more signicant the event. Those 60 will turn into 100 in the next ten years.....

Observers and Participants. History In The Making and In The Past. Think about it....we are all both...even if one person buys the album and listens to it, the idea is a success.

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