Monday, April 27, 2009

Fourteen Songs in Six Minutes

Saturday night's show was one of those when the hour of playing flew by at a blinding rate. We ripped through our set so fast that I couldn't believe the end was there when it came. The recording shows that we played really really well: it was the Daniel show that night. Jacob came up and turned him up early on, and he lit up the stage all night with skronky feedback and his great leads. It was definitely our best "Let's Go to War" ever, if not some of the others (I haven't listened to the whole show yet). I have a recording of us playing "Let's Go to War" that may turn up on YouTube or somewhere like that because it sounded so good, especially with Kelly heralding the solo with a Paul McCartney scream that I suggest he add to the recording when we do it for the record.

The problem the show was low turn-out. Sixteen people paid the cover. The normal people who make our Murfreesboro crowd just weren't there Saturday night. Maybe it was dead everywhere. Maybe it was Dave Matthews playing in Nashville. Regardless, they weren't there. My feelings on the Distractions as a band teeter between feeling oh so low about it and like we're a big deal waiting to happen, with much of the time being on the latter end of that spectrum. It's no fun, but I think sometimes our egos need an empty house at the Boro to remind us that we have to continue to work it in order to carve out a name for ourselves around here, that all our friends who speak so highly of us aren't necessarily writing us a blank check to the reasonable expectations we have for where we want to go. And that's not a bad thing.

I was also glad to see Jacob again. It was the first time he has seen us all the way through since he ran sound at our first show, and the first he's seen us at all since he recorded us and we started on the frustratingly un-named history record. Streetlight Allstars is a great group, and I wish we could devote the time into our project like they do, not to mention their fire for it: those guys were rocking it as hard for twenty of us as they would have for two hundred.

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