Friday, April 10, 2009

Name The Record

The discussion continues as to what in the world we'll actually call this thing when it's finished. In the interest of opening up the conversation, we thought it'd be fun to put a poll on this blog to see what people thought of our current top contenders. There's an option here if you don't think any of those would be best. We may not go with any of them and decide to call it, I Spent Six Years in College and All I Got to Show for It Was This Lousy History Record, but we'd like to hear your thoughts on this aspect of the creative process.

If you have some idears of your own, post them in the comment section of this blog.


  1. on a different note concerning your blog header image...aren't there four members?

  2. There was never a photo taken until very recently that showed all four of us. I didn't have one when I made the image, so I just decided to show a picture of those of us who contribute to this blog.

    And hey...I came up with the CD title, but it won't let me amend the poll:

    American History K


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