Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Once Got Freaky in the Liquid Smoke bathroom....

Last night's show was an interesting spectacle.

Combined with friends, wives, girlfriends work friends, people from work I didn't know, people I don't know, and scattered acquaintances, I would say the crowd was quite big!

Attention was captured and we held it for the entire show.

As for the new material. It has once again sounded better. The set is starting to feel "long." This is good and bad. I get tired very easily. I was worn out by the end of the show. I'm glad we took a 5 minute breather in between the last two songs, I needed it. Strangely, most of our tunes are upbeat, which is a mystery of why I feel the set "dragging." This could also be contributed by the fact "Man VS Cheetah" was being called out from the moment we hit the stage. But, Like I said, we held everyone's attention. I saw a lot of laughter and smiles during the "history" songs. It looked as if everyone "got it." That is rewarding. I also feel we have found a happy medium with set length. 16 songs is plenty. We are still 2-3 covers at every show. I'm that will change with addition of a few more new tunes. I would like to get to the point where we don't have to play cover songs. On the other hand, we always seem to make the covers we do "ours." So they are just as equally hard to put down.

I don't mind the PA situation at the Liquid Smoke. My beef with it is that every time we play there, there is something wrong with it. It's a new problem every time. And the employees there don't care. The guy last night was no help. show...we are bringing our own mixer or just bringing our own mics and cords and plugging in directly. The mixer there is a mess and there are cables everywhere. No one knows where they go or if they work. They have some nice mains on the wall, but everything is so jacked up they won't push them. Lesson learned for the third time. I hate bringing a PA and having to deal with that headache when we are playing. One less thing to worry about in my opinion. Mixer and mics. Plug it in directly. If they don't like it, then we'll just pack up and go home. It's a nice place, with good show incentives, I hate that we always feel sour over something as simple as a PA.

On top of PA problems, Josh's bass pedal was broken. It worked during practice. From my house to the Smoke, it lost a piece. a very important piece. Thanks to Pilch for saving the day. This isn't a lesson learned because shit happens. It just sucks when you are the only band with drummer and you can't borrow from someone else. Sticky situation.

Overall good show. We had a good time and we played great. In the end that is all that matters. The shows have been going so well, it just primes the pump for studio work we have ahead.

March 13th should be interesting.

Oh...and the drunk dude with the Harley Davidson shirt trying to get us to play an encore was priceless.....

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