Thursday, February 26, 2009


I'll second the comments made on "Let's Go To War."

Although I don't have much to say. It has taken 3 years and 3 people to write this one. Which seems to be a pattern in this band. For those that don't know, "I Bought The Farm" was the same way. Only it took Jakob the make the idea, me to write the song, and Matt to write the intro. That all took 4 years to happen. Interesting huh?

They words are based on the American Military History class I am currently enrolled. This song has a thesis or atleast borrows Dr. Hunt's idea of "total war." I wanted to explore "why" a little bit more, but "total war" is an ever evolving thing in the human race. Because ALL war is subjective, we have chosen a focal period of 1914-1944. Making mostly german and nazi references. This is a pinnacle period for war due to the development and extreme advancement and adaptations to new technology.

We have choices in this song, and room to breathe is always a good thing. I'm surprised that Peach was surprised that I used it as the closer in our set last week. Why not? It worked. I knew it would. if it didn't then oh well. there was only 20 people to witness (have you vouchers ready). I have also got a few lyrical choices. I have 3 different third verses. All of wich I like equally. And I've been tinkering with changing it up everytime we play until there is a comfortable medium between the three. That's what I mean by choices!! Freedom!! In reality, all three are very similar. Improv is a bitch.....especially when you are spitting out good stuff.....

A bridge would be nice. There is one already. Maybe Tha D and Tha Peach will come up with something new as a bridge. If so, there are words to be lended. Either way. With or without, the song stands alone.

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