Thursday, February 19, 2009

They Have a TAPE MACHINE!!!

I have not been able to post because of work. it has consumed most of my time....

But let's get one thing straight...we are recording with Gravity Boots! If I have to wash dishes, sell my body, sell Peach's plasma, auction Josh off at an over 40 date auction, sell Daniel's organs to science, sell crack, or apply for a doctorial research grant...we will do this record at Gravity Boots.

Yes. Money is an issue. but who care's? It's just money (see above).

The real question is..HOW IN THE WORLD ARE WE NOT ALREADY FREINDS WITH THESE GUYS??? seriously....WHY? Does the word "cool" ring a bell???

Matt just wasted his typing breath explainging how we made a "big decision." Seriously wasn't that big! But he's right...he likes to build up don't let that fool you....We had "professional" aspirations for this thing long before we even discussed it. We just kept dancing around the real issue, which is money (see above). This is still a DIY record. very much so. No matter how professional it comes or sounds. We are building this bad boy from the ground up, fortunately for us, we have TWO DUDES who are just as interested in the project as we are. This is still DIY, just a little slicker and more expensive (see above). Do you even know how happy this makes me? Us? You should have seen the look on our faces! We were like "WHOA!"

AND THEY HAVE A TAPE MACHINE! 2 INCH! How cool is that? I love working with tape. It's very archaic and natural sounding. It's world that is fun to be in. Digital is going to be the main medium but i'm excited about firing that thing up during the mixing and mastering process. It would only seem right to use the tape machine for this record.

Don't let Matt fool you on the title either. It's name will be decided upon finishing. Calling the "history record" for now adds mystery. Even if we do title it today or tomorrow (the comittee is meeting to discuss the marketing value of certain names), you won't know until the end. Like i said, part of the mystery and excitement. So far right's called Mr. Kerr Goes To Washington....if you can think of something better...let us know....the comittee will review your application and get back to you for an interview on the title...

What else? Fire under my ass? I'll tell you what will light a fire under my ass...NOT HAVING TO TURN IN A PROJECT TWO WEEKS EARLY AT WORK. I'm trying not to complain, but it would seem fitting that we have a very stimulated experience meeting the future producers of our materpiece and I get hit with more work. Sucks, but you know...more money, for studio time (see above).

We have 8 songs. So far. More on the way. Atleast 4. The writing of this thing will continue until we are long into the making. Writing is more of a discipline than an art. Lately I have bene listening to old 4 track tapes and picking out old stuff to re work into history songs. So far the stuff we have is really up beat, so I'm trying to mellow it out a bit. Which is hard. Very hard. Our band likes to rock. But slower, mellow, or just down beat songs will open us up to some newer things in the studio. We have grand ideas. We may not be able to do them, but it's fun to talk about and try. Josh and Matt like overdubs. Daniel likes multiple guitar tracks. I like everything. These first tunes are already evolving in our heads. The possibilities are endless, and fun! It's exciting isn't it?

As soon as Peach figures out a way to put mp3's on this thing, we will have demos up for listen. Plus another "making of" documentary is in the works.

This record is starting to happen.

I have more photos from the home demos but I can't seem to upload them. I'll just give them to Peach....

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