Monday, February 23, 2009

Live Demoing

Kelly had the great idea on Saturday to set up the minidisc player, which I use to record every one of our shows, during practice to record the new songs and create a set of demos more true to the way they'll sound on the record. The main advantage is that they take less time that recording them one instrument at a time on a digital eight-track or something. If we do it in the future, I will want to play with mic placement to optimize the sound, but at this stage in the game when we're starting to think about tracklisting and how to present the songs to the guys recording us before we enter the studio, having this is great way to take the next step in preparing to make the record. We hammered out six songs in about an hour and a half, which we hope will be as easy when we hit the studio, *hopefully* next month. We played them remarkably well since we'd had a rough practice, a pre-practice, the day before. Having full-band versions of "Bob Dole" and "Let's Go to War" are especially helpful to have at this stage in their development as well (even though I prefer to listen to the live performed version of "Let's Go to War" from fooBAR because we blew the doors off that place with that song--more on that later).

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