Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We Actually Do Stuff

It looks like we may get started on this new record sooner than we expected. Some details and scheduling need to be ironed out but I feel confident that it can happen.

I would call us "unstoppable" these days. Every show we "bring it." We get better and better. Which is why it's time to go capture all this in the studio. We harp on practice, and "getting ready to record" but I feel we are ready. Never been more ready.

Details. I have been sitting at my piano for the last few weeks trying my hardest to come up with parts for the record. These need to be somewhat thought out so it doesn't take up too much time. I've got piano and organ ideas for 4 songs. I have always felt that overdubs are mundane and take away from the true spirit of the band but thats what live shows are about. I don't people expect us to bust out the boys choir on stage. Although, I do have a patch on my synth that emulates that. Certain songs will get "overdubs" and some special treatment, while others have the ability to stand alone. I don't want to fill up the tracks with a bunch of noise for the sake of having something there, so these pre-game ideas are handy. Most of my piano and organ parts are simple. They just need to be present and not drive the song. There are plenty of other elements that drive our songs, whether it be a bass line, drums, or riff. Little details are fun and exciting. Just like pedals. Which is another set of rambling I could save for another blog. At the end of the day, no matter what we do, the "live" feel will be preserved. I want people to "feel" this album. or atleast have the listener get "pumped" to come to a show.

This band actually DOES STUFF. I have been in many other bands before and we play some shows, rock a few parties, and when it comes time to make something out of it for the sake of preservation, it all falls apart. The fact that we made an EP and are now going through the motions of doing another record like any other band we love and enjoy seems a tad bit unreal to me. But then again, having people show up and sing a long seems unreal also. It makes me happy that this small unit has been creatively stimulated for almost 2 years now. Having a drummer that cares is a plus. I like to think we don't care, but it's more like we are grounded in reality rather than "not caring." Being grounded in reality allows you to continue to write, oerform, and make records all seem exciting every time you do it. Nothing is mundane or feels like a chore. Thats what the history album is all about, we feel lucky, so we're gonna do it! Ian Mckaye once said "running a record label is my something to do, without it, I would be bored and in jail." He's right. The Distractions are "something to do" and even after all this history stuff, there is PLENTY more to do. As long as there is a show to play, a song to write, a recording to make, an album sleeve to design, etc etc. We will keep trucking.

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