Sunday, March 15, 2009


Well, KELLY says he won't post anymore betwixt now and when we enter the studio, but I'm sure I'll have plenty of mundane minutiae to share with you.

We are confirmed to enter the studio the week after next. Daniel will be out of town this coming week, so we'll be practicing the following week. We have the option to set up on Thursday, March 26th, but that will depend on our practice schedule. After that, we will be in the studio recording on Friday night, March 27th, all day Saturday, and part of the day on Sunday morning, unless something comes up to deter us.

It feels good to have some news on this front. We've brought these songs to a certain point, and it almost feels like we can't concentrate on writing any more of the record until these are escorted by the hand to the next level. I intend to take a step back after that and really ask where we want the record to go after we can listen to and begin to digest the first half of recorded songs. There are some serious questions to be asked and plenty of new songs to be written, and I'm glad to have the first dates scheduled so we can move along with this grandiose project.

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