Saturday, March 7, 2009

Demos and iTunes

According to Peach, our EP "Whimsical In Reverse" will be available on iTunes in the next few weeks. How cool is that?

I've been busy making more demos for this record. Our plans to get started in April may be skewed a bit but thats ok. Just more time to prepare. Getting 6 people in the same room for two days straught is easier said than done. And we want everyone present and involved.

The recent excitement has caused a little bit of writer's block. The last few songs have come so quickly, my brain is telling me to take a rest. I have been working on some non-history songs to curb my creative drip. A newer song called "How Do We Make It Fly" is in the works. This song will be about theWright brothers and their flying machine. How people were present at Kitty Hawk? 12. And it was history. The smaller the crowd, the more legendary the event becomes.

I have also discovered the use of our PA mixer with the 4 track. Hello reverberated vocals!!

We are playing next friday March 13th @ The French Quarter Cafe in East Nashville. Come out if you want to rock.

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