Friday, January 2, 2009

Writing Right Along

Last night was our second practice with the new songs. We all left Monday night feeling good, yet concerned. Last night changed all that, and the new tunes are coming together quite well. It just goes to show that practicing is something we do very well.

We have been tackling "Great Stink," "Whiskey Rebellion," and "Bob Dole." Plus we've been getting much better at rocking "Know-It-All."

"Know-It-All" is not going to be on the next record. It's a new song but does not go with the overall theme of what we are trying to achieve. It is likely we will make a "single" out of it and make it available to consume. The song started out rough. I had the chords/music/changes for some time and finally found a way to use it. I wrote the chorus first, which in the end became a "pre-chorus." The first verse came next and then scattered verse after that. Peach went home and "finished" the blank parts after a short writing session back in the summer. This song is wordy to the max and makes me uncomfortable because of all the stuff I have to remember. Nothing in the song repeats, so it's a good thing we don't have lights, smoke, and pyro at our shows, or I will never remember the words! It has been through several revisions, and as of last night, I have found a "final" draft I can be happy with. The drums drive the song, and everything else just hums along. Kudos to the J-man!

What is strange about "Know-It-All" is its inspiration. It's about a guy who wants to be with a "smart girl" but she's to good for him, or so he thinks. It's not about one person. Between Peach and me, we managed to cull every person we've ever known that fits the description into one main character, which is why this one was so difficult. I wanted to stay away from making it about one person, so I won't hurt anyone's feelings. Peach interjected a lot of his own experience with the "smart girls," which gives its own seperate life, practically creating this person we all should or have known at some time in our lives. I like the song more than I did 3 months ago. This last revision makes it easier to sing too!

This is my 4-track machine. It's a Tascam Porta02. It will aid in all the writing of this record.

The piano has been helpful so far. This will be the first time I use it for writing songs and even recording!

This is a 750 GB hard drive. It was purchased to carry the weight of the record. The second is a microphone I bought 5 years ago. I use it for everything. Perfect for 4-track recording. Lo-Fi!

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