Sunday, January 18, 2009

Comin' In Fast!

We played a show last night. Despite my financial woes that occured just a few hours before the hitting the stage, I managed to unleash the anger into the rock. And rock we did.

The Grind is a different kind of place. Then again, we are different kind of band. About 30 people watched us and gave us quite a response. Sold 4 cd's, and I even signed one!

"Bring Out Your Dead" has been kicking ass since we amped it up. Hard to believe that was back in June when we debuted that one! It works at the end or start of a set.

"Great Stink" was rocky but still good. Tha D forgot the 12-string but made do. I sang the words backwards. Josh and Matt had a good grip on this one and kept it together. I really like the bass line. Peach does not listen to Sebadoh, but you would never guess based on his Barlow-esque bass line. The crowd enjoyed it too!

"Whiskey Rebellion" went over great! It's our new favorite song, and the shelf life on this one is looking superb. We nailed it in practice both nights and nailed all the starts and stops during the show. This song has power.....

We did not play "Bob Dole." Still tooling with it, but it's going to get debuted at the next one. I recently made a demo of this one, but it does not reflect some of the changes we made. I mostly did it to help me memorize the words and try out a new bridge. The bridge remains in the same key but has different chords. It really separates itself from the song and had an identity of its own. I think this will aid in the flow of the tune. Only practice will tell....

We did not play "Election: 1800." This one might get an REM treatment. Peach has an idea, and so do I. Like I said, this song may get recorded 10 times. Look for the remix EP next year....

We did an improv on another song. Read Peach's post below. I don't have anything different to add. He pretty much said it all.

Angela pointed out we have no groupies. This is true. 2 members married, one about to be, and the other smitten. Even with these statistics, we need groupies. They help record sales, and it's an instant crowd at shows. Well...maybe not "groupies" per say....maybe crazy dorky dudes/gals like the way we used to be at Features and Fluid Ounces shows. We ARE those guys, so...we are taking applications for "hard core fans" now. Just like Ounces shows, there will be a special table for you to sit.

Updates on demos, practice, and shows to come. Here is our show schedule in case you do not already know:

January 30th @ The Boro
January 31st @ Springwater
February 27th @ Liquid Smoke
March 13th @ French Quarter Cafe
April 4th @ Liquid Smoke

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