Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I decided going into practice last night that I wouldn't blog about it. I prefer to talk more about the particularly newsworthy on here, and nothing big was scheduled to happen. I took my electric 12-string for Daniel to use on "The Great Stink," and he tried it also on "Bob Dole," which also got enough significant re-tooling that it probably won't debut at our last-minute show at The Grind this weekend. Too bad.

Then something "newsworthy" happened.

We had just had some great bonding talking about some very standard guy things and were just about to go back into practice after a break. I picked up the guitar to show them my latest idea for a song, which I sort of derived from a pair of acoustic guitar players on TV with their own show. I started playing, and Kelly came in and used that as the opportunity to stand up and sing a tune he'd been working on for about a month tentatively called, "Dancing with the Martians in the Roswell Sand." Josh threw on the drums, and Daniel picked up the bass, and Kelly began to spew out pure gold in a falsetto voice. As we played it in its roughest form, just a kernel of what it could be, I knew we were on to something. I knew this song would make it to the record and be amazing once it was properly arranged. It has the potential to overshadow "Man Vs. Cheetah," which wasn't this good at its inception. True, "Martians" more 70s dance than unbridled rock epic, but I've always viewed "Man Vs. Cheetah," as much as I love it, as a one-trick pony at best. It has long been my hope that we could top it and/or replace it with something equally show-stopping before "Cheetah" hit major backlash or grew into the only song people wanted to hear us play. Although it won't be ready anytime soon, and although we've got a whole lot to work out on it, I think we may have done it, Mr. Kerr.

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