Saturday, January 10, 2009

Left Early From Work

I went home early yesterday. I wasn't sick; I was just bored. I started a new project, and my computer was giving me shit, so I left. My guitar was at home waiting for me.
I got some Sam Adams Winter Ale and fired up the 4-track. I played some piano during the first 3 beers. The second half of the six-pack was spent actually recording!

Inspiration! These are three (really awesome) Sebadoh 7"s. I have always wanted to release a 7" or a series of them. Maybe if I have the funds, I can do a release of 4 track stuff. Lo-fi recording sounds better in lo-fi audio.

I broke out the fuzz!! Plus Tha D let me borrow his Boss DD-5. After playing around with it on some Cure songs, I found a few sounds that might aid in writing.

These are the copies of Whimsical in Reverse that remain. Get it while it's hot!!

Scout likes to stare at me while I'm recording/playing. She thinks she's in the band!

More inspiration! I bought the Sebadoh Bubble and Scrape re-issue on ebay for dirt cheap! Sebadoh has been good therapy during this writing time.

I spent most of the afternoon experimenting with different things. I recorded some instrumental tracks, one of which could be a new song. I recorded guitar for a song about Theodore Roosevelt called "Legendary Fool." I also revisited an older song of mine called "Summer '04." It never had a proper title, but after revisiting crazy stories from that time with friends last saturday, I felt the need to play it again, which is why I wrote it in the first place. I recorded vocals, but I think I'm going to redo them. I also got started another untitled instrumental that is another old song revisited. This one will receive a history treatment along with ANOTHER older tune. These songs never really went anywhere. I really enjoy the sound of them. I have made some major changes which have breathed new life into the song.

To practice singing and vocal harmonies, I recorded the Roger Clyne song "Easy." It took a few takes, but by this time I was getting tired and ready for dinner. I did some scratch back-up vocals and sang harmony. This was good practice because Josh and I want to do more vocal harmonies. I want to try and get me, Josh, and Matt to take a few singing lessons together. 1-2 would aid in this process. We have different voices and need to figure out how to make harmonies work.

We have a show this saturday January 17th at The Grind. Come out and rock with us.

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  1. We know the real reason you left work and went home early...


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