Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"I Can't Sleep" Songwriting Should Be Its Own Genre

I couldn't sleep last night. When my "To Do List" is longer than the Godfather, you know have a problem, but you can't do anything about these things at 3am. What else is there to do?

I began by dumping drum tracks from the "Drag and Drop" Drummer program to my 4-track. I also took many more drum sounds from my keyboard and put on them on the 4-track. This killed time from 12:31am to 1:27am.

Since my wife was asleep, I couldn't play guitar, so I plugged in the keyboard, put on the head phones and went at it. I spent 1:35am to 2:16am playing around with another melody in "D." I need to avoid the open D for awhile. I can't tell where I am going with all this stuff. Content is not a problem this time around. I am trying to mix everything up as much as possible.

I broke out the guitar before I tried to go bed but ended up playing "Bob Dole" and "Election of 1800" to myself. No different. Then tried some other stuff, but it ended up sounding like "Bob Dole." We only get 1 Violent Femmes-esque song per album. I need to stop listening to "Hollowed Ground" at work.

I'm stuck on a song about Roswell, New Mexico. I wanted it to be dance song, but it may not. I think I've had more luck with it changing directions, but still no luck. I have about 10 pages printed out about it. I think this song will take shape in the words first. I have a friend at work that has prepared some dance grooves for me. He is more atuned to that style, and there is nothing wrong with out-sourcing for better quality.

Around 2:47am I hooked the piano into the 4-track and began reworking "Election of 1800." Night and day. Two different worlds, same song. This could end up being one we record twice, a lot like "Eli Whitney." But the piano treatment seems to be working. The guitar treatment does also. Like I said, night and Day.

I want to try playing piano with the band. I'm really weary about playing on stage, especially in front of a certain local rock god. Just because a song is on the record does not mean we have to play it live or play it live the way we play it on the record.

For historical purposes, I want to issue the album on all formats known to man.
Quadruple 7"
8 Track
78 RPM Shellac records
Edison cylinders
and of course CD, MP3, WAV, etc etc etc.

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