Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It All Sounds Good To Me

We have final mixes for 8 of the 13 songs!

The first 8 sound quite wonderful and only a few minor details need to be changed or looked at. Other than that, those are ready to be mastered.

The other 5 is a different story. Daniel Rice tried his best to finish what he could before taking off to Middle Earth. He has done quite alot of work on the other 5 songs and they sound delicious. The levels are all off and tracks are buried behind others. This is a sign of someone who has been putting alot of attention to every track. Kudos. Personally, the other 5 songs sounds great and just need the levels adjusted and panned out. It sounds as if he has finished all the editing and just needs to find the right balance on the tracks. As we have said before "this sounds great! and its not even mixed!!"-

I imagine the final mastered version will be in our hands in Feb. We are still looking at a digital February release and a march/april physical release. Just in time for my graduation! Weird isn't it?\

I cut my finger doing some work on my house and had to get stiches. This has kept me from playing guitar. I hope this won't impact our upcoming show next friday. It certainly didn't impact our practice. We were pretty kickass minus a guitar!

There are 3 shows for the month of January! Check our facebook and myspace for details!

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