Saturday, January 30, 2010

Also Snowed In

I started writing this entry and then realized that Peach posted one earlier today. He pretty said everything I was going to

Yeah we got snowed out. I wasn't bummed until about two hours ago. I was bummed because I realized if we had been playing tonight, we would be playing at that moment. What was even more bumming about the snow situation is even if we wanted to get together, we couldn't because of the damn weather. Snow is nice, but not that nice.

A sneak peak of the back cover was sent out to us. It looks cool! I like the colors. I think we should put an outdated bar code on the back that rings up a sale date of 1793.

It dawned of me after this last show at Liquid Smoke that it has been almost a year since we started down this road. It always weird playing a song for that long. "Whiskey Rebellion" was written on January 2nd of 2009. Do the math. This record has more lasting flavor than the last. I honestly feel tired of playing Paid in Cocaine. Right now, in this little bubble of a set we've been doing, it doesn't seem to belong. Neither does I Married A Zombie anymore. I really only enjoy doing the "old" songs off the cuff. You know, a situation thats like "hey! why not?" Make sense?

If I didn't have my Wii hooked up, I probably would have written the entire next album today. I went back and forth to the guitar and piano in between games of Wii Sports and Zelda. Yesterday I was granted an early day off and went home and hammered on the piano for a few hours. I worked on some new stuff but nothing work talking about yet. I don't feel rushed right now, so i can take some time and really put alot of thought into some of my newest creations before anymore gets to hear them. I've been tinkering with a new Midi controller lately. I got it so I can trigger casio samples for a possible series of songs using casio keyboards but lately i've been using it to program drums. now I can set a solid beat to work with and make better demos. Still using the 4 track though. I've decided that stays for now.

I've been listening to the Replacements all week. Makes me wish we were playing "Gone To Texas" live. The more I think about it, it sounds more like Paul Westerburg than Roger Clyne. Glad it's not on the record though. There are too many upbeat songs. We should have added one more slow song.

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