Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Album Credits (part 1)

Since the record is available now online, many people won't see the credits for the record, so I'm posting them here (in two parts) for them to see.

Kelly Kerr & the Distractions
Chronological Disorder or How to Pass History in 13 Easy Steps

Researched, Documented and Reported by
Kelly Kerr, Daniel Connatser, Matthew Peach, Josh Williams

Cover and package design by Brian G. Pitts

Recorded at Gravity Boots Recording Studio, Nashville, TN, from March to December, 2009.
Produced by Daniel Rice, Aaron Sefton, Kelly Kerr, Matthew Peach, Daniel Connatser, Josh Williams
Engineered by Daniel Rice and Aaron Sefton
Mixed by Daniel Rice

This album is dedicated to history lovers everywhere, and to Dr. Amy Sayward, for her years of counsel, patience and friendship.

Special thanks to Jessica Connatser, Angela Peach, Mary Frances Kerr, Mitchell Murphree and everyone at Tomato Tomato (r.i.p.), Jeremy Peach, Justin Kerr, our families (esp. Ron Peach--thanks for letting us use "No. 2"), Steve Cross, Wes Lewis, Samantha Blanchard, Daniel Smith, Chuck Bruner, Bingham Barnes, Street Light All-Stars, Liquid Smoke, Heaven's Basement, Seth Timbs, Tatia Rose, Seth Graves, Stephen Rutherford, Brad Baxter, YEAH!, The Southern Girls Rock 'n' Roll Camp, Jacob Spaulding, Drew Dick, Chris Davis, Jason and Crisi Manley, Chris Freeman and Matt Field

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