Monday, November 23, 2009


As we left the studio Saturday, I told Kelly that it felt weird to have the vocals finished. He said it didn't feel like he had actually done it. In fact, it sort of creeped up on us, but we did in fact leave on Saturday with all of them finished. Some effects need to be placed on them and there's still some editing work, but we've got it. They are done. This vital piece turned out to be much more tedious than we had planned, so we hadn't budgeted the hours that we ended up spending on them. All in all, the record is better because we put the time into it. I swore during that session that I wouldn't come to the studio for any more vocal tracking sessions anymore because they are so very tedious, so it was also a bit of a surprise that things finished up as neatly as they did.

We did a very little bit of instruments and hand claps, and we did all the backing vocals that hadn't been done yet.

It feels funny. It feels weird. But when I think about it, it feels good. That leaves so little to be done for the record I can hardly stand it. Daniel Cat is on deck to finish up tomorrow night. Barring any crazed lunatics driving through his yard, he should be able to knock out all that he has left in one swoop.

My excitement has been waning in the inevitable set-backs of making this record, but knowing that we are finally finishing the tracking is helping me to build steam to hopefully finish the artwork so it will be ready for the final push to pressing once the mixing and mastering are finished.

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