Thursday, June 25, 2009

Practice Space

I was very happy to have our inaugural practice at my old home, henceforth referred to as our "practice space." You'd think that if three of four dudes in a band each have houses that of course we'd have a regular practice space, but no. Kelly's and Daniel's houses have been the popular places, but we always have to set up and tear down because we're in high traffic areas of the house. My house wasn't good because of Josh's cat allergy. Now that I'm married and living in another house in Inglewood, my house is vacant until I sell it. With eleven songs written for the history record and plenty more work to be done, I have been excited about getting a place where we can leave everything set up and have plenty of room to set up and play. Better still, my ever intrepid brother walked around while we were playing last night and deterined that playing underground in the basement won't really disturb the neighbors, so we can practice much later than the other places, where 8:30 was pushing it (even though Daniel's neighbors always had good things to say about us, going so far as to invite us to play their 4th of July party for 2010--guess they already had this year booked).

Still, all this is good. I was in a hurry yesterday to get it ready, so I made some cosmetic changes after everyone left and adjusted things with the drums and PA and amps all in place. I think it'll help to expediate the process of completing this project, which is taking more shape and becoming much more interesting than I had ever really imagined.

Now if we can only align four schedules to practice...

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