Thursday, June 18, 2009

On Track

It's Thursday and only two more shopping days until my guest appearance at Blue Coast Burrito.

I have been hard at work on all these new songs. So hard at work, I came home yesterday and passed out. I made dinner, watched a movie, and passed out again. My brain couldn't function.

Not all has been wasted. I recently got a new music program for my MAC called Ableton Live. This is a multi-track recording thing but I have not been using it for that. I have been creating some beats and instrumental tracks. My computer is a Mac, which means it does not come with an input, and like all Apple products, they make you buy something. So I can record any live tracks yet, but as soon as I can get a USB thing to bring in audio from an alternate source, it's on! I have a ton of 4 track stuff to mix down and it's a pain getting with Peach to use the mini-disc because we are both on polar opposite schedules, or we both often forget. This will solve some problems.

I added an extra vocal track to "Dear Abby." This is my feeble attempt at doing harmonies with myself. I also found the old "Bring Out Yr Dead" and recorded myself playing the "new" verison. It's funny I refer to it as new when we've been doing it that way for well over a year now. I also cleaned up the "Know It All" demo I made in Feb/March. Since that one is practically done for the record, I just removed the really bad organ part. It sounds better without.

Josh will be here tomorrow to make demos of "Gold Rush" and possibly "Observe and Report." This will be fun because we will have the mixer from Josh's PA and multiple microphones running into the 4 track. I think we're just going to jam it out for a bit and then hit the record button and see what happens. Sounds like a good friday night ahead.

We had plans to be in the studio this saturday but it's not going to happen. Tha D ended up having to go to North Carolina for work and Josh couldn't get off work. Plus Peach is getting home from Italy the day before. Bad timing. More plans to return to Gravity Boots are currently underway.

So tonight should be interesting. I'm going to try and finish up my song about Nikola Tesla and then cut it off and start practicing for saturday. I've been hitting the practice hard so I can avoid using a music stand. We will see how all that goes.

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