Tuesday, May 26, 2009

True Love Is Hard To Find

So Peach is getting married this next week. The band is preparing for this.

Now...onto other stuff.....

Writing is coming and going. With the pressure on the wedding and trying to win over Momma-Peach, I haven't done much in the way of writing. I stayed home by myself on saturday night and plunged into the final stretch of the albums written process. Some good things came out of my evening of isolation.

I have 11 song ideas and maybe 4-5 "REAL" songs. I'm pulling from a large source of stuff. I spent most of the night going through all the random notes I have written myself this semester and reading through all the random lyrical ideas I had during class. This is alot to pick through. Especially since my mind has been focused on other songs. Subject matters that might trump the others. But I consider that the hard part. Now, the cut and paste part begins.

"Election: 1800" is ready to be recorded. I changed the first part of the song but its still the same. No demo has been made yet, but i may not in order to focus on other stuff.

I have a new song in the works about aviation. I can't decide if it will be about The Wright Brothers or Howard Hughes. I have always found Hughes to be far more interesting, but Hollywood has not made a movie about Orville and Wilbur, so the attention may skew towards them or be about both. You never know. I have some literature I need to read before I cna continue with this one. It's a pop song. C-E-F-G. Pretty basic, and fun. I'm thinking this one needs to scream "FUN" because thats what flying is all about!

The newest obsession is Mr. Nikola Tesla. This is a must. I watched a documentary, and a History channel segment called "Modern Marvels" to get the juices running on this one. I have some chords, and I have some words. But nothing concrete yet. I need to dive into his life a little more. I'm thinking this could be the song to have Tha D and I go all out with fuzz pedals. That would be really cool.

"Dear Abby" has been a primary focus of mine. It's a song about Abigail Adams and her husband John. During John's time serving on the Continental Congress and being an Ambassador to France, he constantly wrote love letters to his wife seeking advice. This is the primary focus for the song. I have done a TON of research for this song and I see it being one of the best songs on the album, if not one of the best songs I have ever written. It's a love song although not a ballad. An epic guitar solo will be requested along with "arena" style drums. Oh yeah!

Thats all for now. I have a lot of work ahead of me. I'm off to a good start, and with friday nights show, and Peach's wedding coming and going, the rest of this madness will come to an end. I am also playing a solo gig in order to debut the newest of the new. It's motivation at it's best.

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