Friday, May 29, 2009

I Like It When People Leave Equipment at my House!!

Josh left his drums at my house. You know what that means? Kelly got blisters from rocking out on said drums.

I have pictures but I'm posting this from work, so I can't upload them.

I actually got some stuff together by having the drums around. I took them apart and set up the tom and snare so they stand up. I also moved the crash symbal and got out the brushes. Since I only had one pop filter, I only used one mic, but after an hour of mic placement and rearranging, I got some good sounds into the four track. I also set up some new songs! Just from banging away on the drums.

I get a lot of ideas from playing with beats. Some of our songs were written around drum sounds from my keyboard. Some of the stuff I want to build a song around, you can't get what I need out of a drum machine, so this leads me to believe I need josh around for this last bit of creation. Some of the ideas I have requires a drummer. So the next step in this puzzle is to play the J-man my really bad drumming and hope he can translate that into something Josh-esque. After that, the songs will write themselves. I got plenty to work with, I just that extra set of hands and that extra little push because I can hear it when I play guitar, I just need someone to attempt it with me.

Last night was pretty productive. Josh needs to leave his drums at my house more often.

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