Monday, July 12, 2010

In The Studio AGAIN??? So Soon?!?!?

Greetings to all my fellow Distractions!!

After a long two months of rocking the masses, KK+D have decided to take some time off and focus and things that really matter in life. You guessed it, RECORDING MORE MUSIC.

Back in January, a few freinds got together and decided to write and film a short 35 minutes horror comedy called Girls Night Out. Meredith Kotas and Chris Davis were kind enough to ask for my involvement in the project. Being a supporter of anything different and creative, I set out to write the theme song for the film. The song is of course called "Girls Night Out." A demo version has been circulating amongst freinds and relations, and we've been playing the song in our set for these last round of shows. The film is not yet finished, so we took the extra time bonus to re-record the song in its fully Distracted glory. The finished product is a fine peice of pop music, complete with spooky theremins and kick ass story telling. The song will be featured in the film and be available for download on our site when the movie is unleashed in October.

The full day session was rough, even for a well rehearsed band. I think we learned our lesson that playing two very long shows over 3 days and then hitting studio complete with blisters, hoarse voices, and hang-overs is probably not a good idea. But as always, even though we were tired as hell, we managed to not only get the job done with time to spare, but also record ANOTHER song!!

The extra time in the studio was spent not only celebrating my 28th year on this earth, but recording the Chris Freeman classic "Marsha." We have been kicking this song around in the set for almost a year. We first learned it when we backed up the might Freemanator last July. The song seems to fit the personality and humorous ideals of the band, so we recorded it to be the B-side for GNO.

So tomorrow I will head back to Gravity Boots to finish the last of the vocals with Josh in tow. After that, we will have two new tunes in the can. There isn't much on the horizon in terms of shows, but I won't be inactive. I need the next few weeks to get my head together and get all these ideas I have racing in my head down on tape before they go away. New tunes are in the work. Plus, Tha D has expressed that he wants to work on his guitar sound a bit and come up with some new "whirly" sounds. Good vibrations are on the horizon. But really, does it get better than this? We've been getting good shows, good press, and good reviews. All is good. Hopefully, we can bring more goodness to world very soon.


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