Sunday, April 18, 2010


It has been a while since I have made a post. So here we go!

The past few months have been one interesting rollercoaster ride. The early response to our new album has been quite nice and we can see the results to the hard work we have put into this project.

When we decided that we going to do this, I think I knew how the end result of the album would turn out, but also didn't know that I knew. Normally I keep all my notebooks and random note, but this past weekend I decided to scale some of them down and throw out alot of pieces of paper that had random stuff written on it. I came across several pages with reminders and time notations for cassettes I was using for the home demos I was doing. I made a note on a certain riff and also noted "slow song for album/possible female back-up." That riff eventually became Dear Abby. That note was made in Feb 2009. Kinda weird? Not to mention all the other random notes I wrote myself, but never remembered. Some of those ideas were made by other members of the band. Also kinda weird.

The track listing was rough because in the end, there were 8 really good possibilities. They all sounded good. I don't think last January were ever expected Election: 1800 to be the first song or turn out the way it did. I remember all of us thinking it was a good song but tried very hard to not discard it. Election:1800 is a good example of why having producers is good and creatively stimulating. They had us do stuff we never would have thought about. Sometimes, real simple stuff.

The artwork kicks ass. Nuff said.

We've been playing shows here and there for the last few months. We played at the Basement, and hopefully will get another show there this summer. We did a birthday party for Aaron Sefton, and we also managed to play at the YEAH! center. All these little performances have been getting us ready for the biggest show of the bands career, our record release show!

Daniel Rice got down and dirty with all the mixes and even the mastering. He was a bit hesitant to accept the role of mastering after having spent the most time with all the tracks, but we managed to talk him into doing it. There were only a few hang ups with his final tracks and those ere easily solved by the adjustment of a knob or the push of a button. I think we listened to the tracks 3 times a day. I know I did.

Another bit of news that is not related to the album is that I managed to get the band featured in an upcoming horror film called Girls Night Out. This is a DIY project done by several friends of mine. I asked to write the theme song and they said yes. I spent a few weeks recording the tune at home on my computer and recently presented the final mix to the director. The song will be available through our site soon.

After all the recordings, rehearsing, overdubs, mixing, and mix approvals, we will finally be able to present the world with our history album on May 11th.

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