Sunday, December 20, 2009

One More Day....Just One More, I promise, just one more

Today I turned on the 4-track and worked out a demo for a possible "INTRO" to the record. I would for it to be on the album, but being that time is squishier than ever, it may not happen. I honestly won't be disappointed either way. But here's to hoping.

I also started working on many many newer song ideas. I even went down the lyrical path a bit. I revisited some stuff that was in the process of becoming potential songs but never got anywhere. It's how just rewinding a tape to find something specific makes you stumble upon older stuff you completely forgot about. Being that school is out until mid January, and all i have to do is work, there may be a few new songs by the end of the Xmas break. This happens alot around this time of the year. i get bored, so I write. Imagine what will happen in May when I graduate and this current album is out. We have more material coming. Or atleast material for our ever evolving list of side projects that only exist in our minds. Made-Up Country album anyone?

I think we bought ourselves some time. Not sure about it yet. Tha D is finishing is his last song tomorrow. I might clean up for vocals. The problem I'm coming into is that the longer we take, the more I'm going to pick at my singing. After listening to "mixed" versions of 7 songs, I came to conclusion that no matter what, I won't be happy, so I should just get over it. I don't think I can song these songs any better or different. So i'm just going to re-do Gold Rush for the 5 millionth time and just walk away.

I would also like there to be more than just me singing. There are several areas in all the songs that could have a double, a oh, an ah, a woo-hoo, etc etc. Its weird just listening to one Kelly. It feels kareoke. Like some rapper rhyming to a track, and nothing else. This could also be a mix issue and the vocals are just too high in the mix....who knows....

Release date? Not sure....I'll get back to you on that.

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