Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chill Pills

We need to take a few chill pills. For some reason I have been sort of flipping out over all this nonsense.

Practice is going to become an issue and it never really has before. Which is strange because even with the three week lull of June, the last 3-4 months have yeilded the most productive and the most practice in a short amount of time. So why are we freaking out. Good question, and I wish I could answer it. but I have a few theories..

Number 1: We are aiming too high.
Number 2: Tha D has to go out of town, and we've been lucky about that all summer
Number 3: i've got rock camp for a week
Number 4: we are just too damn excited and worked up about all our new material."
Number 5: we have t shirts coming!

I'll go with number 4. and maybe number 1. But the truth, we just need to take a chill pill and let all these things happen on their own. It seems we have gone far enough with making plans and such, and there is only so much we can do ourselves.

We planned for three days in the studio. It's not going to happen. The writing is on the wall. So, just one full day is in the works. Looking at it now, I keep wondering how to make it work and its just not an option. We should only do one day a week for studio because it seems these days everyones schedule changes literally over night. Its about time this happened because lately we've been pretty good with practice and doing it atleast once a week. Call it karma. But really there is quite a bit to do just that one day. Enough to keep busy. Maybe we can go back the next week? and then the next?

Last night I recorded a new old song. I had nothing to do so I recorded an old song of mine. It felt nice and I felt productive and I stopped worrying about the damn record. I have been putting way too much thought into all of this that it has been keeping me awake at night. Plus, I got new toys in the mail that have jumped started some more creativity.

I'm ready to rock tonight. We have practice and eveyrone is going to be there and its gonna be an all out assault. On the agenda is just the new shit but if we are feeling it we might just play whatever. I really want to skronk it tonight. The Sonic Youth show from the other night has really put me in a noisy mood. Lets do this!!!

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